Hello ! I am so glad you have found GLouise.

Welcome to my little escape, where I share tips, recipes, stories and thoughts. I have a passion for travel and food. My life would not be complete with out these two things among other things.

I began GLouise as a way to keep my friends and family up to date while I travelled and work around Europe and the UK in 2019, but once I got home decided to continue and broaden my niche.

Travel has always been part of my life, I grew in the military so it something that I know very well. Growing up my parents made every new place a new adventure and now I think its something that is etched in me. I get itchy feet ready to try something new and see some place different.

Since leaving school high school, I made the decision not to study further and spend a majority of my time travelling. I have always had a strong pull to travelling, in fact my dream has always been to be a travel journalist. I love the idea of waking some place and spending each day doing something new and amazing and sharing those adventures with people and transporting them to that place and moment.

Travelling is the one thing in the world that consists of speechless moments that will later, become the best, most talked about stories. We get the chance to walk in the footstep of iconic historians and to visit places where history became. We can bask in the glory of the wonders of the world, and eat famous delicacies.

I have travelled in both groups and with friends and solo.  During my time abroad, as a solo traveller I have never felt so much freedom. I made friends in the unlikeliest of ways. I would walk until my feet were sore. I would sit until I wanted to move again and I would wander off the beaten track realising, the best places are the ones you stumble across unknowingly. And the best days are the unplanned ones.

Travelling is the one thing in life that takes your money, but you will become richer than when you had it.

But of course travel is not my everything, after all there is no place like home and I happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Western Australia is my home and during the Pandemic my colleague/friend were inspired to begin our new business Panoramic Guide. A travel platform dedicated to West Australian tourism and travelling; panoramicguide.com.au. A what a wild amazing ride it has been so far. There really is no place like home and I am so lucky to live somewhere so incredible. Even when I am not travelling, I still can travel and explore in my own backyard, so I can scratch that travel itch between holidays.

Outside of travel I have so much to share and say. That why I decided to expand my niche and begin a podcast.

I have a lot to share and say and cant wait to share. I am on a never-ending adventure and I am seeking extraordinary things and bringing you along for the journey.

~ Georgia Louise ~