Food + travel  = The only things I really talk about.

Together they are the perfect recipe for a long conversation with. In a conversation with me, you can guarantee one of these things being brought up once.

In 2016 I went gluten-free a year and a bit after returning from a trip away. On this trip, I got a little unwell caught a bug that did some damage and caused a bit of an intolerance, nothing too major ( not coeliac). Ironic isn’t it, two of my favourite things clashed, travel and food.

Although I can’t eat the popular ingredient in almost all the foods I make do and am still living my best eating life. I am now always on the hunt looking for the best of gluten-free foods no matter where I am in the world and I believe when you find the best you share it with your community.

Since going gluten-free my mindset around health and anything food-related has changed.  When I am at home and not travelling, I do cook more often than ever and I like to try new recipes, sweet and savoury.

Before we progress any further into this relationship let me get one thing off my chest. When I say I cook I don’t mean well. I am under the impression, if I can make it, anyone can make it and I mean anyone. I am a much better traveller and restaurant-goer than I am cook but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it and subject my non-gluten free family trying it make sure it is as good as I think it is.   

I like to find recipes that aren’t complex but filled with goodness and deliciousness and when I find it you bet I like to tell everyone. Well, that goes for everything in my life; gluten-free recipes, products, restaurants and even outside the GF world; fashion, health and exercise and of course travel.

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I have a lot to share and say and cant wait to share. I am on a never-ending adventure and I am seeking extraordinary things and bringing you along for the journey.

~ Georgia Louise ~